Xfdesktop feature request - Embryo of proposed patch

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Thu Jul 27 22:12:02 CEST 2006

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On 7/27/2006 11:02 AM, Gregoire Gentil wrote:
> To the main xfdesktop developer,
> I would like to suggest a feature request for xfdestkop: it would be
> nice and useful to add the option to put a "File System", "Home" and
> "Trash" [*] icons on the desktop when the "File/launcher icons" mode is
> used. As removable device icons already appear on the desktop, it makes
> sense to put those other icons. It would be the same behavior as the Mac
> OS X desktop.
> I have an embryo of proposed patch. I don't think that it's very complex
> - the work has already be done for the removable device, so it's more
> code duplication. It just needs to be nicely integrated into the main
> branch.
> I would be ready to help finishing this enhancement if I get some
> directions and support from the xfdesktop leader,

Yes, this is something I'm planning on adding shortly.  The difficulty
isn't in showing the icons on the desktop; that's trivial (as you've
seen).  The harder part is adding a pref for it.

Actually, since pointing to home, file system, trash, etc. just involves
opening a file manager instance, really all it needs is a .deskop file
in ~/Desktop/, pointing to '/', $HOME, trash:///, etc.


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