adding support for hibernation to xfce4-sessions's exit dialog

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Thu Jul 13 17:42:25 CEST 2006

> IMHO, we should cooperate here. It'd be definitely nice for all Xfce
> users if xfce4-session and the battery plugin (and probably other
> relevant parts), would support proper power management, combined with a
> settings dialog (yes, I'm convinced).

By cooperate you mean pursuing g-p-m and see if we can use it or go on
with what this thread was initially about?
I'd go with g-p-m as it has a lot of work put into it and handles more
than just battery status and suspend. (there's interaction with the
screensaver -although gnome-screensaver only I think, configurable
actions on various laptop buttons and lid press and other policies I
forget right now)

> exo doesn't provide an XSM session client, but only a X11R5 session
> client, but that should do the job here as well. GnomeSession is totally
> overloaded. You can write a simple session client class for you
> application in 15-30mins, without adding dependency on another 10
> libraries, see ThunarSessionClient.

Right, but while it is not too complicated gnome apps tend to chose the
easier way and use the existing API since they already use gnome libs.
And each use of a gnome libs however small and replaceable is a good
excuse for the other small and uses to stay there.
Reimplementing a session manager even if it's simple for dozens of apps
does not make more sense than using a simpler api. But this is not xfce
related anymore.

> You don't any kind of special API here. Just use D-BUS to register your
> application as service, then on startup, try to invoke the method on an
> already running service, and if no service is available, continue to launch.

True, but as above, the convenience of something like a simple library
call and writing of a callback without the need to worry at all about
the dbus API or indeed that behind the scenes dbus is doing this is
tempting. That's the reason they want to have a standard api for this
somewhere, as every app tried doing it their own way.

Other APIs are simple enough but they have been put in exo/libxfceXXX
etc for similar reasons no?


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