Xfce and Devilspie doesn't work together anymore

Jannis Pohlmann info at sten-net.de
Tue Jul 4 03:45:49 CEST 2006

On Mon, 3 Jul 2006 21:31:45 -0300, Bruno Jesus wrote:

> Well, i'm sorry for the useless post, this is my second post to a
> mailing list. By the way, what is AFAIK?

Ah, ok, I didn't know you're new to the mailinglist or bug reporting
concept in general. If there's one thing that is important for bug
reports: Always provide useful logs and other relevant information, so
others can try to reproduce your problems.

For explanations of the most important (if not all) abbreviations (like
AFAIK, which means "as far as I know"), see


for example. Most of them are useless, but some (like AFAIK, AFAICS,
IMHO) are used frequently by most of us lazy guys.

> Do this :
> Eterm --trans --borderless --scrollbar=false --buttonbar=false
> --geometry=80x15+535-26 --shade=60% -q --title=Eterm -e "top" &
> Now use this for devilspie :
> (if
>     (matches (application_name) "Eterm")
>     (begin
>         (below)
>         (pin)
>         (skip_pager)
>         (skip_tasklist)
>     )
> )
> You'll see that eterm doesn't stays under other windows as it used to
> be in older xfce versions.
> If you open Eterm WITH titlebar, devilspie works.

I tested it with exactly the same setup as you have - it works here.
Now it would be interesting which version of devilspie you have on your
system. And maybe Olivier, who wrote/maintains Xfwm4, has ideas.

> Sorry again for the useless post.

Now that you posted additional information, it's uselessness is kinda
compensated. Don't mind. BTW, there's another important thing about
mailinglists: Always quote below paragraphs you're commenting on (just
as I did in this mail).

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