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Sun Jan 29 19:34:56 CET 2006

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Pasi Orovuo wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> Some time back, the possibility of changing mouse cursor themes was
> added to the mouse mcs plugin. The code currently uses hard coded
> cursor theme search paths, which has a bunch of problems. I finally
> looked into it, and it appears that Xcursor, at least to some extent,
> tries to adhere to fd.o icon theme spec, which makes obtaining the
> correct paths quite easy. At least to me it seems sufficient to use[1]
> xfce_resource_dirs( XFCE_RESOURCE_ICONS ) without additional
> trickery.
> This however has a small drawback. At least Gentoo seems to use some
> archaic RH patch, which messes the Xcursor lookup paths completely,
> and makes them X vendor dependant, which of course renders
> xfce_resource_dirs() unusable. It's a Gentoo problem though, and I'd say
> it's okay to break the cursor change (from system locations) for
> Gentooers, at least until they've fixed it (bug filed).
> -Pasi
> [1]:

I'd prefer leaving in the current lookup code for the time being as a
fallback, but check the proper XDG directories first.  Otherwise, the
end result is that we'll get multiple spurious bug reports, which will
annoy me to no end.


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