Mouse MCS plugin - cursor theme paths

Pasi Orovuo pasi.ov at
Sun Jan 29 19:04:58 CET 2006

Hey everyone,

Some time back, the possibility of changing mouse cursor themes was
added to the mouse mcs plugin. The code currently uses hard coded
cursor theme search paths, which has a bunch of problems. I finally
looked into it, and it appears that Xcursor, at least to some extent,
tries to adhere to fd.o icon theme spec, which makes obtaining the
correct paths quite easy. At least to me it seems sufficient to use[1]
xfce_resource_dirs( XFCE_RESOURCE_ICONS ) without additional

This however has a small drawback. At least Gentoo seems to use some
archaic RH patch, which messes the Xcursor lookup paths completely,
and makes them X vendor dependant, which of course renders
xfce_resource_dirs() unusable. It's a Gentoo problem though, and I'd say
it's okay to break the cursor change (from system locations) for
Gentooers, at least until they've fixed it (bug filed).



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