Race condition in the taskbar plugin?

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at xfce.org
Mon Feb 20 18:43:43 CET 2006

Erik Harrison schreef:
> I believe I have discovered a race in the taskbar in the SVN panel.
> When right clicking on an gaim button in the taskbar, mouse over the
> workspace selector, I got a message, setting the urgent hint on the
> window, causing the button to flicker. The panel hung, and kept focus
> thus preventing me from doing anything on the desktop until I switched
> VTs and killed the panel

hmm, I guess the tasklist menu is still grabbing the mouse and keyboard. 
Sounds like a problem with netk-tasklist (who would have thought...). 
Could you file a bug report for that? Should not be too hard to fix I think.


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