[XFDESKTOP] frame_sysfont

Moritz Heiber moe at xfce.org
Tue Feb 21 16:14:44 CET 2006


I'm having issues compiling the latest xfdesktop from svn. I've always
disabled the desktop menu at compile time (which has worked ever
since) .. but right now I need to get past an obstacle. Whenever I try
to compile xfdesktop it comes up with the following:


Taking a look at settings_common.h frame_sysfont is only defined if the
desktop menu (thats what I can tell about #ifdef USE_DESKTOP_MENU ;-)
is being build. Given that I want to disable that its obviously gone ..
but seemingly picked up by menu_settings.c which then falls to the

I'd love to provide a patch for it .. but as usual, I have no clue
where to look for an answer to my problem ;-)

Anyway, hope it helps ..


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