Strange menu behaviour with fr locale

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Fri Feb 17 18:03:21 CET 2006

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Olivier Fourdan wrote:
> Olivier Fourdan wrote:
>> Hi Brian,
>> Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
>>> But anyway, no idea what the problem is that you're seeing.
>>> Unfortunately I don't know all that much about i18n.  Did you try
>>> deleting ~/.cache/xfce4/desktop/menu-cache* and then running 'xfdesktop
>>> - -reload'?  If that fixes it, I need to fix the cache...
>> Nope it doesn't populate the menu...
> Ahhhh! I found out!
> The menu is populated under "Settings" and not under "Paramètres" as 
> expected (Paramètres == Settings in french)

Err... you mean the entire menu is stuck under "Settings"?  That's... weird.

> So it means that it's the following in that return nothing:
> 	<!--
> 	  The next line includes the autogenerated menu at the current level.  If
> 	  you want, you can put this in its own submenu.
> 	-->
> 	<include type="system" style="simple" unique="true"/>
> The question remains, why this doesn't do anything if the locate is 
> fr_FR.UTF-8 here?

Or maybe that's not what you mean.  I'm confused.


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