Panel pager plugin fails on default config

Pasi Orovuo pasi.ov at
Wed Feb 8 10:38:59 CET 2006


A user on #Xfce reported that the panel fails with a fresh config (no
~/.config at all).

Error reported:
kris at localhost ~ %
libxfcegui4-ERROR **: file netk-pager.c: line 274
(netk_pager_size_request): assertion failed: (pager->priv->n_rows > 0)

On a quick look it seems that the panel plugin allocates new memory for
interal struct with g_new0() and then sets pager's row count using the
value in the allocated struct. While it's somewhat a bug in the plugin,
a proper fix would go in libxfcegui4 I guess. See:


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