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Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Sun Feb 5 09:50:23 CET 2006

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Jasper Huijsmans wrote:
> Marcel Pol schreef:
>> Hello,
>> With xfce-panel in current svmn there aren't many items on the main
>> panel. I remember having some launchers and other things available by
>> default on the 4.2 panel.
>> Default 4.3 panel:
>> http://www.chaosmongers.org/marcel/screenshots/20060204-xfce-4.3.0.png
>> My own preference (just 1 panel):
>> http://www.chaosmongers.org/marcel/screenshots/20060204-xfce-4.3.0-mine.png
>> I tried setting up a panel.xml with several launchers, like in 4.2
>> panel. One thing that's different is that every launcher has its own
>> config file, so I'm not sure how to proceed with that. Should I just
>> wait untill it's added to cvs, or should I propose a default set of
>> configfiles?
> You are right. There is a need for a new default configuration and 
> suggestions are always welcome.
> Maybe it is still a little early, it is one of the last things that need 
> to be done, but it is good to start a discussion on what it should look 
> like.
> I think we should make the default layout similar to the 4.2 default: a 
> taskbar at the top, and a smaller panel with launchers at the bottom.

Agreed - keep it nice and light.  Taskbar on the top panel.  Bottom
panel with clock, maybe systray, and some launchers.


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