Verve: Command line plugin

sofar sofar at
Sat Feb 4 22:38:31 CET 2006

On Sat, 4 Feb 2006 16:28:34 -0500, Erik Harrison <erikharrison at> wrote:
>> > I'm taking a look at it now. Very nice, though I'd drop a copy of
>> > scons-local in the top of the tree, and add a makfile to drive scons,
>> > for ease of use
>> That's a good idea, perhaps I'll do this. I also could imagine dropping
>> SCons in favour of autoconf and co., but the whole environment and
>> project structure is so blown up with it. I don't like it.
> Do what works. But asking the user to install SCon is a bit much.
> Which is the whole point of SCons local. ANd the makefile means that
> pretty much everyone's intuition will work.
> You could even have a configure script to check for the existence of
> python, so that SCons can run, and then writes the makefile, without
> using the autoconf build chain

If you want the opinion of a packager - drop SCons. I've never had so
much problems even getting SCons packages to install properly
and automatically as with SCons wrapped packages. 

They screwed up SCons so badly once it could not even detect any
other version of Python than 2.2. o_O

I rest my case.


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