panel multiscreen problems

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Sat Dec 30 22:50:06 CET 2006

Hey all,

There seem to be quite a few problems with the panel in multihead 
setups. The latest one is #2693, but I believe there are more.

I'm trying to reproduce some of this using Xnest, but I'm not 100% sure 
there aren't any problems with this that are not present in 'real' 
multihead setups.

The first thing I found is that the LED mode of the clock causes a crash 
when changing screens. Apparently the GC used for drawing isn't being 
updated properly, or something like that.

The second thing I'm seeing is a bit more problematic. It seems, at 
least in Xnest, that _all_ external plugins are simply killed when 
changing screens (gdb says 'Program exited with code 060'). It's 
happening in a rather sneaky way, because the sockets are not destroyed 
as they normally would when a plug disappears.

Now, I can in fact catch the screen change, check for an invalid plug 
window and restart the plugin, but that's an ugly hack, right?

So, does anyone have an idea about how this is supposed to work with 
gtkplug/gtksocket? Is it a gtk bug, an Xnest one?

Of course, I would rather not have to release with these problems still 

I don't know how much time I will have next couple of weeks, but any 
suggestion for a solution would be appreciated. A confirmation on a real 
multihead setup (not xinerama) would also be helpful.



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