Xfwm feature request (simple) for the future.

Alexandre Moreira alexandream at gmail.com
Wed Dec 27 16:03:48 CET 2006

I use a very minimalist window manager theme (and desktop as a whole)
based on Xfce (All of it). You can probably say I'm one of those weird
guys who doesn't like much information on screen.

That being said, I just hide almost every button on the window title,
only keeping the close button, since I have the Tasklist for minimize,
and the window menu accessible on the title and the mouse actions on
title bar for everything else. Or at least almost everything else.

These days I started to miss one functionality on the Window Title
bar: The Maximize Vertically or Horizontally entries. I normally use
Double Click on the title bar to have the window (un)maximized. Would
it be possible to have the double click in title bar, when set to
maximize, have companions like The Maximize Button has ? I mean,
holding a modifier while double clicking the titlebar could make it
maximize only on X or only on Y.

I know this won't make into 4.4, since we're probably in feature
freeze, but it is something that I think is simple to implement and
would take like a few minutes to be done, making it simple to have
done for the next (4.6) release.

Best Regards,
Alexandre Moreira.

Please excuse my poor english.

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