Idea: Merging Task List + System Tray + Program Launcher applets(demo included)

robin me at
Sun Dec 24 17:26:37 CET 2006

The way you use your systray as a taskbar, is one of the prime reasons  
I've brought up the idea of merging the systray and taskbar.
But the word 'merge' may not be an appropriate word to use though. I want  
both the systray and taskbar to each do what they've always been good at  
doing, but work with each other, since both share the same icon and  
sometimes the same function.

And with the 'draggability' of the applet, you can drag icons to one side  
which does all the 'notifications', while the other side has all the icons  
which are the 'applications', like what we see now.

So I think my idea of this applet, is pretty flexible, it allows you to  
use the taskbar+systray the old/current way, or the new way.

> I even use 'alltray' to minimize applications to the systray to save
> lots of space on my taskbar.
> If this all could be done in the taskbar itself, I would probably use
> the systray for it's original purpose only: notifications, not  
> applications.

Well currently, if there are 2 panels, each with a tasklist, it would be  
mirrored. Whereas if each panel have a systray, only 1 systray would work  
in 1 panel. I think.

I did not think that deeply into my 3-in-1 applet. But I don't think it  
would be much of an issue because that applet encourages people to look at  
tasks and systrays all at 1 place, therefore 1 panel. I personally prefer  
to use just 1 panel. I guess it could be a good idea, for the task buttons  
to continue on the 2nd panel if the 1st panel gets too full. If the  
developers want to spend more weeks adding that, then so be it, in the end  
it is up to them.

> One question about your flashy demo though: Can you have multiple
> instances of the panel? If so, do they have there own applications or
> are they mirrored amongst each other?

Appreciate your thoughts.

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