Idea: Merging Task List + System Tray + Program Launcher applets(demo included)

robin me at
Sat Dec 23 17:40:13 CET 2006

It does not have to be exactly like my idea. I understand there are  
standards to be followed.
So far your idea looks good to me and there is something different/unique  
to look at in future XFCE.

That's right, systrays are funny things, some are like apps, some are not.
I even question the difference between 'applets' and 'systrays', look at  
'tomboy' for GNOME. It used to be a systray app but now it is an 'applet'  
for GNOME and they work no different.

I like to simplify things. If you think like a grandma, you may wonder,  
"Why is that on 1 side, there is the GAIM icon (systray) which I  
left-click on it, it focuses the GAIM buddy window, and then on ANOTHER  
side, there is ANOTHER GAIM icon (task list) which I left-click on it, it  
ALSO focuses the GAIM buddy window." For things like that, I feel  
compelled to merge the systray and tasklist together.

Then I thought about programs that does not have systrays, what would  
happen if you left click on the icon? I thought might as well merge the  
program launcher as well IF it is not a systray. But merging the launcher  
is not as important to me as merging the systray with the tasklist.

So as a result, there is only 1 icon which represents 1 app, and when you  
click on it, if it behaves like a launcher, so be it, or if it behaves  
like a systray, so be it. It sounds good to me because there will be no 2  
icons doing the same thing. With my idea, the systray and tasklist still  
works the same as today, except they are 'glued' together rather than  
'broken apart' and 'melted' together.

I hope you can see my reasoning for 'gluing' the systray and tasklist  

> - Not the systemtray. Systemtray applications are not real clickable
> apps IMHO, you put them there because you want to get rid of them, or
> they are not real applications, but show some kind of status.

But anyway, I think what you proposed so far is already something to look  
forward. I hope it gets implemented.


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