My first plugin

James Westby jw+xfce at
Tue Aug 15 06:06:33 CEST 2006

On (15/08/06 00:49), Bruno Jesus wrote:
> Can you tell me how to make version numbers? Is it on the Makefile?

If you mean set what version number the plugin has, then look at the top
of the, you will see 

dnl Version information
m4_define([xwp_version_major], [0])
m4_define([xwp_version_minor], [5])
m4_define([xwp_version_micro], [2])

You can just change those three numbers, and then run xdt-autogen again.

> I've attached the plugin because I don't have a internet space account
> anywhere and my personal server is down due to hard disk failure.

Please don't attach your source code each time you have a question. It
is bad for those who read the list and have to download it wach time.

If it comes to it then I could host something for you, but it probably
isn't needed for questions like this.

You could also apply for a goodies account if you are wanting to take
this plugin forward. You can then commit to the xfce repository.

> My next goal is to learn how to make a configuration dialog and save
> configurations to a file.

There are plenty of examples. Look at other plugins to see how it is

Another thing I suggest you do is sort out the license etc. of the
files. At the moment they are not distributable. I assume that you want
to be able to share them.

Also, there is a goodies-dev list, and this conversation would be better
to have over there. Can you subscribe to the list please?


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