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Bruno Jesus 00cpxxx at
Tue Aug 15 19:36:35 CEST 2006

> Please don't attach your source code each time you have a question. It
> is bad for those who read the list and have to download it wach time.
> If it comes to it then I could host something for you, but it probably
> isn't needed for questions like this.
> You could also apply for a goodies account if you are wanting to take
> this plugin forward. You can then commit to the xfce repository.

I'm really sorry for this, it will be the last time.

> Another thing I suggest you do is sort out the license etc. of the
> files. At the moment they are not distributable. I assume that you want
> to be able to share them.

Do you mean the license text that every xfce source code file has in
the beginning of the file?

> Also, there is a goodies-dev list, and this conversation would be better
> to have over there. Can you subscribe to the list please?

I'll will subscribe too that list as soon as possible.

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