Panel Nicities

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Sun Sep 25 08:37:25 CEST 2005

Erik Harrison schreef:
> The new panel drag and drop is awesome. I was thinking about the best
> way to do it, and then did an svn up and got pretty much what I was
> thinking of.
> However, I would like one small addition. I'd like to be able to
> remove panel items by dragging them off - probably by dragging them
> back from the panel onto the Add Items dialog. Could this be added? It
> would perhaps require a change to the name of the dialog and "Add
> Item" menu item.

Agreed. The menu item has to be renamed anyway, because it is also the 
only way to move items. Any suggestions? I was thinking of 'Manager Items'.

> Some other issues
> I can add the iconbox now, but sometimes it has an item with the
> generic icon which cannot be switched to, with the tooltip of "??".
> And sometimes it does not.

Hmm. Never saw that myself.

> Dragging the iconbox around sometimes results in a black area attached
> to the right end of the drag item, and when dropped into place it has
> a large empty area in the panel. (image attatched - the PDF bit in the
> black area only appeared when import took the screensnap)

I saw the screenshot. Very strange, I have no idea what happened.

> Possibly related I cannot add anything to the right of the iconbox directly

Hmm, maybe something from the dnd handling not cleanen up properly... I 
don't see this either.

> The Add Items dialog disappears if something other than the panel is
> given focus. However it leaves the panel insensitive, and the dialog
> cannot be opened again. Trying to do so drops "(xfce4-panel:6268):
> Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_window_present: assertion `GTK_IS_WINDOW
> (window)' failed" to the terminal.

Wow. That is just weird. Changing focus closes the dialog?

> You mentioned before you'd like to keep the widgets from greying out
> when in a DnD state. You seem to have partially accomplished it -
> newly added plugins are insensitive, but do not visually change.
> However, plugins that are already running when "Add Items" is selected
> do grey out.

Heh, not intentionally. Interesting.

Thanks, that gives me something to think about...


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