Panel Nicities

Erik Harrison erikharrison at
Fri Sep 23 23:32:02 CEST 2005

The new panel drag and drop is awesome. I was thinking about the best
way to do it, and then did an svn up and got pretty much what I was
thinking of.

However, I would like one small addition. I'd like to be able to
remove panel items by dragging them off - probably by dragging them
back from the panel onto the Add Items dialog. Could this be added? It
would perhaps require a change to the name of the dialog and "Add
Item" menu item.

Some other issues

I can add the iconbox now, but sometimes it has an item with the
generic icon which cannot be switched to, with the tooltip of "??".
And sometimes it does not.

Dragging the iconbox around sometimes results in a black area attached
to the right end of the drag item, and when dropped into place it has
a large empty area in the panel. (image attatched - the PDF bit in the
black area only appeared when import took the screensnap)

Possibly related I cannot add anything to the right of the iconbox directly

The Add Items dialog disappears if something other than the panel is
given focus. However it leaves the panel insensitive, and the dialog
cannot be opened again. Trying to do so drops "(xfce4-panel:6268):
Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_window_present: assertion `GTK_IS_WINDOW
(window)' failed" to the terminal.

You mentioned before you'd like to keep the widgets from greying out
when in a DnD state. You seem to have partially accomplished it -
newly added plugins are insensitive, but do not visually change.
However, plugins that are already running when "Add Items" is selected
do grey out.

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All I needed to do was watch Perfect Strangers."

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