Notes on the new panel

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Thu Sep 22 10:18:58 CEST 2005

Jannis Pohlmann schreef:
>>>>I'm currently working on an iconbox plugin. After that I think it is 
>>>>only the clock plugin that needs to be ported. Would you like to have a 
>>>>look at that? I think it is ok to port the current panel plugin first 
>>>>and look at merging with the date-time plugin later.
>>>Yeah, why not. I'll have a look at it later today. Should be no problem,
>>>I think.
>>I'm working on it at the moment and I stumbled across a problem. The old
>>clock was resized whenever its mode was changed. It used icon_size[size]
>>(xfce4-panel/plugins/clock.c, line 276). What's this and is there a
>>better solution already (I noticed a comment in
>>xfce4-panel/panel/global.h on this)?
> I found a solution for this. I now set the led size by checking the size
> and comparing it with DIGIT_*_HEIGHT (xfce_clock.c). Unfortunately,
> DIGIT_*_HEIGHT defines are not in xfce_clock.h so I have to use their
> values (10, 14, 20). Perhaps we should move them into the header, what
> do you think?

I think the clock widget should be taken out of libgui and be part of 
the clock plugin. Nothing else is using it, AFAIK.

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