Notes on the new panel

Jannis Pohlmann info at
Wed Sep 21 22:23:12 CEST 2005

>>>I'm currently working on an iconbox plugin. After that I think it is 
>>>only the clock plugin that needs to be ported. Would you like to have a 
>>>look at that? I think it is ok to port the current panel plugin first 
>>>and look at merging with the date-time plugin later.
>>Yeah, why not. I'll have a look at it later today. Should be no problem,
>>I think.
> I'm working on it at the moment and I stumbled across a problem. The old
> clock was resized whenever its mode was changed. It used icon_size[size]
> (xfce4-panel/plugins/clock.c, line 276). What's this and is there a
> better solution already (I noticed a comment in
> xfce4-panel/panel/global.h on this)?

I found a solution for this. I now set the led size by checking the size
and comparing it with DIGIT_*_HEIGHT (xfce_clock.c). Unfortunately,
DIGIT_*_HEIGHT defines are not in xfce_clock.h so I have to use their
values (10, 14, 20). Perhaps we should move them into the header, what
do you think?

The last two things missing are the orage execution and clock rotation
depending on the orientation (if this is possible). Jasper, I'll send
you the patch tomorrow in the morning, I think.

- Jannis

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