windows below panel

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Wed Nov 9 19:17:02 CET 2005

> That's not true. The WM will prevent you from moving a window completely
> off screen or so that it becomes unreachable beyond struts.
I am not saying completely off the screen, but parts of it under the panel.

> What you describe is the behavior of the panel in 4.0, where it was not
> using struts because it was freely movable (by definition, struts can't
> be used with freely movable windows).

4.2 and 4.3 panels have the behavior I describe.

> You can try, in Xfce 4.2, move a window under the panel, it won't
> disappear beyond the panel because the WM will prevent it.

It does not disappear but can be partially covered.

BTW the way I'd like the panel to work is like xftaskbar4 in 4.2 does.
Indeed under the taskbar I cannot slip a window. But the panel does not 
act like the taskbar, as a 'screen border' so to speek.

I am afraid my wording is unclear and we are talking about different 
issues. So to sum up: I wish the panel behaved by default as the 
xftaskbar4 does in 4.2, i.e border of screen, otherwise maximizing or 
moving windows around can lead to a situation like the browser status 
bar being covered.


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