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Sat Nov 5 03:14:11 CET 2005

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On 11/4/2005 11:16 AM, Oliver Lehmann wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm building an automatic system to get the most recent xfce4 via 
> svn, and then after creating tar.gz/bz2 files out of it compiling it 
> via modified FreeBSD ports. The reason for doing this is to detect 
> problems which may happen on FreeBSD with xfce4 as early as possible.
>  Now, while still building that system I already ran in some problems
>  I would like to discuss/see them solved:
> a) libxfce4mcs in svn is only 4.2.1 - kinda old, or?

Yeah, we've been kinda bad about updating version numbers in trunk for
packages that haven't changed much.  libxfce4mcs probably just hasn't
changed, though it should be bumped to 4.3.0.  Fixed.

> b) where is xfce4-systray gone? I don't get it while checking out 
> modules/trunk

As others have said, it's a part of the panel now.

> c) running "make dist" in xfce4-panel to get a tar.gz doesn't include
>  config/panels.xml which leads to errors when I try to use the 
> generated tar.gz file to compile xfce4-panel 
> (
Sounds like it's missing from EXTRA_DIST.  Fixed.

> d) running "make dist" in xfce-mcs-plugins leads to the following 
> error which prevents the generation of the tar.gz dists="ChangeLog 
>  ar.po az.po be.po bg.po bn_IN.po ca.po 
> cs.po de.po el.po en_GB.po eo.po es.po es_MX.po es.po et.po eu.po 
> fa.po fi.po fr.po gu.po he.po hi.po hu.po it.po ja.po ko.po lt.po 
> mr.po ms.po nl.po pa.po pl.po pt_BR.po pt_PT.po ro.po ru.po sk.po 
> sv.po ta.po tr.po uk.po vi.po zh_CN.po zh_TW.po "; 
> extra_dists="POTFILES.skip Makevars LINGUAS";  for file in 
> $extra_dists; do  test -f $file && dists="$dists $file";  done;  for 
> file in $dists; do  ln ./$file 
> /usr/home/olivleh1/tmp/trunk/xfce-mcs-plugins/xfce-mcs-plugins-4.3.0svn/po
>  2> /dev/null  || cp -p ./$file 
> /usr/home/olivleh1/tmp/trunk/xfce-mcs-plugins/xfce-mcs-plugins-4.3.0svn/po;
>  done cp: 
> /usr/home/olivleh1/tmp/trunk/xfce-mcs-plugins/xfce-mcs-plugins-4.3.0svn/po/es.po
>  and ./es.po are identical (not copied). *** Error code 1
> Stop in /usr/home/olivleh1/tmp/trunk/xfce-mcs-plugins/po.

No idea.  Are you using GNU make or BSD make?  IIRC we only really
support GNU make, but Benny's the build system expert around here.

> e) With 4.2.2 I got html files installed out of the libxfce* 
> tarballs. Using the tarballs generated with "make dist" won't install
>  the pre-generated gtk-doc html files. That means, if I still want 
> them I definitly need to install gtk-doc for getting them. Will these
>  docs be included later in the offical release like it was in 4.2.2
> or is gtk-doc then the way to go for ppl who want the docs?

The libxfce* documentation is just API docs; not really useful for
normal users.  You can pass --enable-gtk-doc to configure, though I'm
not sure if that actually installs the files.


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