some problems with SVN checkouts

Oliver Lehmann oliver at
Sat Nov 5 08:29:19 CET 2005

Brian J. Tarricone wrote:

> > d) running "make dist" in xfce-mcs-plugins leads to the following 
> > error which prevents the generation of the tar.gz dists="ChangeLog 
> >  ar.po az.po be.po bg.po bn_IN.po ca.po 
> > cs.po de.po el.po en_GB.po eo.po es.po es_MX.po es.po et.po eu.po 
> > fa.po fi.po fr.po gu.po he.po hi.po hu.po it.po ja.po ko.po lt.po 
> > mr.po ms.po nl.po pa.po pl.po pt_BR.po pt_PT.po ro.po ru.po sk.po 
> > sv.po ta.po tr.po uk.po vi.po zh_CN.po zh_TW.po "; 
> > extra_dists="POTFILES.skip Makevars LINGUAS";  for file in 
> > $extra_dists; do  test -f $file && dists="$dists $file";  done;  for 
> > file in $dists; do  ln ./$file 
> > /usr/home/olivleh1/tmp/trunk/xfce-mcs-plugins/xfce-mcs-plugins-4.3.0svn/po
> >  2> /dev/null  || cp -p ./$file 
> > /usr/home/olivleh1/tmp/trunk/xfce-mcs-plugins/xfce-mcs-plugins-4.3.0svn/po;
> >  done cp: 
> > /usr/home/olivleh1/tmp/trunk/xfce-mcs-plugins/xfce-mcs-plugins-4.3.0svn/po/es.po
> >  and ./es.po are identical (not copied). *** Error code 1
> > 
> > Stop in /usr/home/olivleh1/tmp/trunk/xfce-mcs-plugins/po.
> No idea.  Are you using GNU make or BSD make?  IIRC we only really
> support GNU make, but Benny's the build system expert around here.

Right, the error occurs with GNU make too, but it GNU makes ignores it
and continues. The right way should be (imho) to remove the redundancy of
'es in the definition of XDT_I18N in which was already done
by dannym some hours ago.
So, this is fixed.

 Oliver Lehmann

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