some problems with SVN checkouts

Oliver Lehmann oliver at
Sat Nov 5 15:52:50 CET 2005

Mickael 'Korbinus' Graf wrote:

> Oliver Lehmann wrote:
> >b) where is xfce4-systray gone? I don't get it while checking out
> >   modules/trunk
> >  
> >
> Yepp, I was surprised yesterday too when I installed the whole /trunk 
> for the first time. Looks like systray is integrated into the panel, so 
> the /trunk directory is empty.

Am I right, that the same happend with xfce4-trigger-launcher? It is at
4.2.0 in svn and is questioning during configure pkg-config for
xfce4-panel which only knows about libxfce4panel?

 Oliver Lehmann

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