Global Key Press Events Capture

Shuveb Hussain shuveb at
Thu May 12 10:11:43 CEST 2005

>  We have to find a portable way to determine commands to volume
> control across build targets. This complicates the build process,

So is a central keybindings config file and a simple interface then
manages it a bad idea?

> Frankly, xfwm doesn't need to be doing the job of managing application
> hotkeys in the first place, as I've said a couple of times. It just
> does so in order that the traditional Xfce shortcuts work. As a matter
> of fact, Xfwm cripples the shortcut editor for that reason, IIRC (it
> limits the number of bindings).

Rightly said. Why should a window manager manage hotkeys? And moreover
the window manager hotkeys system can only execute a command when it
detects a hotkey event. Executing commands everytime a hotkey is
pressed can be slow and a bad idea for things like increasing and
decreasing speaker volume. So each application must be able to handle
its own hot keys, in this case the volume control plugin.

I was only talking about having an inerface that the users can use to
customize the hotkey combination. For example, if the volume control
uses crtl-+ and ctrl-- for increasing and decreasing volume by default
and the user would like to change this hotkey combination, the
interface would come into play. A decent interface would let the user
just press the key combination and record it, rather than making him
select from a list of possible keys.

By duplicating code what I meant was that this interface for managing
hotkeys need not be re-writen for different apps/applets. It can
either be put in a library or we could make it as a standalone app
that would let the users define keys for various apps and put it into
a config file. individual applications can acquire their hotkey
combinations from the config file.

please comment.


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