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Thu May 12 09:17:31 CEST 2005

On 5/12/05, Sami Samhuri <sami at> wrote:
> * On Thu May-12-2005 at 09:43:56 AM +0530, Shuveb Hussain said:
> [...]
> > bugzilla, further comments suggested that it be added in the volume
> > control plugin.
> I say if xfwm4 is already handling this, why duplicate code? Read on...
> > I understand that this feature can't be added to the window manager,
> Why not? I was unable to find the topic in the forums. I'm guessing you
> are talking about bug #372, correct? Is there an issue getting xfwm4 to
> recognize the keys? It seems it would be just as much of an issue in the
> mixer IMO.
> I believe using a keyboard shortcut that runs amixer should be do this
> quite well. For non-alsa systems it seems there would be an equivalent
> command, although I could be 100% wrong about that one.

Xfce runs in environments other than one's with sound, for example.
Putting volume control code into Xfwm4 pushes bloat into those

 We have to find a portable way to determine commands to volume
control across build targets. This complicates the build process,
introduces bugs, and violates the relative modularity in the

Frankly, xfwm doesn't need to be doing the job of managing application
hotkeys in the first place, as I've said a couple of times. It just
does so in order that the traditional Xfce shortcuts work. As a matter
of fact, Xfwm cripples the shortcut editor for that reason, IIRC (it
limits the number of bindings).

If I recall the commit list traffic correctly, someone has already
removed the keybinding code from Xfwm and moved it into it's own app
for 4.4. If someone wants to write a scipt that populates it with all
sorts of neat shortcuts, have a blast.

Really, if you want this kind of automatic integration, the level to
do it is with the downstream vendor. It's just like with the kernel -
provide a nice, clean, modular system that plays well with others, and
the vendor provides integration between components.

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