Panel Feature Request

raz0 at raz0 at
Sun May 1 17:11:34 CEST 2005

> If you could add it to bugzilla, that would be great. I will certainly

> consider the request (depends on how much extra work it is ;-), although

> personally I can't really see the benefit of a panel that is not on the

> screen edge.

When we will (finally) have the option to load multiple panel, Xfce becomes
surprisingly similar to the Windows shell Geoshell ( Back
when I used it most of my bars were indeed at the screen edge. One extremely
useful feature though, was to load one of two plugins on a bar (or panel
in Xfce) and skin it with a transparent skin - Bang! .. you have a "desklet".

Just my two cents.

Morten Bojsen-Hansen

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