Robert Kurowski koorek at o2.pl
Wed Mar 16 16:44:39 CET 2005


I have http://www.xfce.org/~benny/trials/xfce4-dev-tools-4.3.0cvs.tar.gz

I wanted to compile xfmedia from cvs and I while ./autogen.sh:

	$ ./autogen.sh 
	tr: błędna sekwencja z backslashem na końcu łańcucha znaków

This message means there's bad backslash sequence at end of string.
I looked into xdt-autogen source and I found:

	subdirs=`cat ${configure_file} | tr '\n\t\\' '   ' | sed -ne 's|.*AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS(\[\{0,1\}\([[:alnum:]_ @/-]\{1,\}\).*|\1|p'`

Something like this works well:

	subdirs=`cat ${configure_file} | tr '\n\t' '  ' | sed -ne 's|.*AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS(\[\{0,1\}\([[:alnum:]_ @/-]\{1,\}\).*|\1|p'`

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