Goals of Xfce (long)

Xavier Otazu xotazu at cvc.uab.es
Thu Jun 16 19:27:11 CEST 2005

	A bit late reply ...

On Fri, 03 Jun 2005 12:00:04 +0000
xfce4-dev-request at xfce.org wrote:

> 2) Easy to use and visually appealing. No hand-editing of config
> files should be required for core functionality. Within the limits of
> goal (1) we should try and provide a visually appealing user
> interface. 
>    Note: 'visually appealing' is a very subjective term. For me it
> means simple, straightforward and consistent. Since Xfce is based on
> GTK+ and many GTK+ apps are written for GNOME, it makes sense for use
> to use the GNOME HIG as an important guideline. 

	To be easy to use, my opinion is that you should allow use to
define not only keyboard shorcuts to move/minimize/etc windows but also
mouse shorcuts combined with keyboards, i.e. Ctrl+Button1, Alt+Button2,

	Actually it exists, but it is hard-coded and users has to use
the shorcut that developer decides.



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