Mickael 'Korbinus' Graf korbinus at
Mon Jun 13 23:52:54 CEST 2005

/me thinks it's a brilliant idea.

The Question is: who can take care of that? I think the target would be 
4.6, it's a little bit tight for 4.4.


samuel verstraete wrote:

>Working on i was talking to one off the guys that
>has submitted quite a lot of theming already (systemX) and he was
>wondering if it would be possible to f.e. include icons with a gtk
>theme.  I can offcourse solve this with adding an extra option
>there to link "suggested icon theme" and/or "suggested window border".
>I remembered we have been discussing the concept of meta-themes
>already... (on the list I can't find anything back though, guess it
>was on the irc chan ...) 
>A meta-theme could include 
>icon theme,
>splash theme,
>and maybe even some fonts...
>Not really sure on how to implement it though. We could just go for a
>descriptive file which doesn't include the art itself or we could
>really create a new package with everything included but then we need
>to check everytime what is installed and what is not so maybe that is
>not so interesting... any suggestions? or ideas? (or even better
>code ;) )
>Basically i think we could even use a DND gui for installation of newly
>installed themes... 
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