samuel verstraete samuel.verstraete at
Fri Jun 10 16:34:53 CEST 2005


Working on i was talking to one off the guys that
has submitted quite a lot of theming already (systemX) and he was
wondering if it would be possible to f.e. include icons with a gtk
theme.  I can offcourse solve this with adding an extra option
there to link "suggested icon theme" and/or "suggested window border".
I remembered we have been discussing the concept of meta-themes
already... (on the list I can't find anything back though, guess it
was on the irc chan ...) 

A meta-theme could include 
icon theme,
splash theme,
and maybe even some fonts...

Not really sure on how to implement it though. We could just go for a
descriptive file which doesn't include the art itself or we could
really create a new package with everything included but then we need
to check everytime what is installed and what is not so maybe that is
not so interesting... any suggestions? or ideas? (or even better
code ;) )

Basically i think we could even use a DND gui for installation of newly
installed themes... 



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