E17 benchmarks

Michael Reid m6reid at scs.ryerson.ca
Thu Jun 9 21:41:58 CEST 2005


Time for me to jump into this :).

> Actually, I'm really considering removing the smart placement. Not
> because it makes things slower, but because I come to the conclusion
> that when I run an application, I expect it to appear where my eyes
> look, and that's generally in the middle of the screen...
> I sometimes have to search the new windows because they are placed
> around.

I'm thinking that removing the "smart placement" could be a rather good 

As a user with a limited resolution (1024x768) I find that most times 
when I open an application I end up moving it to a new location anyways; 
because I need a specific part of the window to (not) overlap with a 
specific part of another window.

In other words, the desired area of overlap is frequently not the 
minimal overlap. If everything came up in the center, I could obviously 
anticipate where the border is going to be so I can then quickly move 
the window where I want it.


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