Change mouse cursor theme in Xfce?

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Thu Jul 7 11:46:02 CEST 2005

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Benedikt Meurer wrote:
> Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
>>Redirecting to xfce4-dev...
>>Pasi Orovuo wrote:
>>>>Instead of repeating the question in the subject, I'm trying to provide
>>>>an answer. The solution is a bit hackish, but seems to work. So, point
>>>>your browser to:
>>Ok, I added this to a new tab the current mouse settings panel, and
>>changed a bunch of stuff.  I like how you used GtkIconView, but that's
>>GTK 2.6 only, so, I got rid of that and did something less fun.  When
>>GTK 2.8 comes out, it should support changing cursor themes on the fly
>>without restarting the session.
>>This also requires an extra line in your xinitrc, so to make this work
>>properly, you also need to merge in xfce-utils/scripts/xinitrc from SVN
>>Let me know how this works for everyone...
> Hm, hardcoding the paths to the icons directories doesn't look like a 
> good idea to me. XfceResource has support for discovery of icons 
> directories.
> If there's some required directory, this should be added to the default 
> list in libxfce4util, instead of hardcoding the stuff into the 
> application, which makes it hard for a package maintainer to discover 
> the places that need fixing.

Yeah, I know.  I was just feeling too lazy to figure out all the
possible paths and come up with prefixes for them, and I wasn't sure if
the homedir paths would get picked up properly (again with the laziness
in checking), so I left it as-is for the first pass.  It was enough work
to fit it into the mouse plugin without doing (too many) retarded things.

There's also another problem.  On my system at least, I have some
cursors in /usr/share/cursors/xfree and /usr/share/cursors/xorg-x11.  I
don't know why, since they all appear to work on, except that doesn't appear to look in the xfree directory for them.  So they
appear as selectable in the list, but don't work.

Anyway, I'll mess with it after I've had some sleep.

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