A few xfc.xfce.org server questions

Auke Kok sofar at lunar-linux.org
Tue Feb 15 12:47:28 CET 2005

Jeff Franks wrote:

> Auke,
> I have logged on to the xfc.xfce.org and checked out my first  working 
> copy of XFC 4.3.0. Everything went ok, but I do have a few questions.
> 1. I am just about finished the XFC web site. Once I log on to my home 
> directory on the Xfce server is there a standard subdirctory I should 
> upload the XFC web pages to, or do I just upload them to the logon 
> home directory.

upload it all to /var/www/xfc.xfce.org/, that's the dedicated directory 
that is served on the web. Mind you there is IMPORTANT stuff already in 
there, so don't overwrite that (viewcvs etc).

Your homedirectory is for whatever you wish to do with it (keep it 
reasonable pls ;^))

> 2. I need to create a mailing list. XFC should only need one. 
> "xfc-list at xfce.org" would be alright. How do I do that.

You can't. I take care of that stuff. 'xfc-list' is very generic, 
perhaps you wish to use 'xfc-user(s)', 'xfc-dev' or something that 
classifies it properly. 'xfc' is also possible but try to stay away from 
that as much as possible (those general mail addresses tend to gather 
lots of cruft).

> 3. How and where do I upload release tarballs/rpms, or should I 
> maintain a SourceForge site as well. I didn't particularly wont to 
> manage a SoucreForge account if I didn't need to.

just upload it to the xfc web directory. You might want to create a 
special folder /download/ underneath there. We don't serve ftp at the 
moment. But the webserver can show list fancy indexes etc. if you need. 
Just ask.


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