A few xfc.xfce.org server questions

Jeff Franks jcfranks at tpg.com.au
Wed Feb 16 00:20:14 CET 2005

Auke Kok wrote:

> upload it all to /var/www/xfc.xfce.org/, that's the dedicated 
> directory that is served on the web. Mind you there is IMPORTANT stuff 
> already in there, so don't overwrite that (viewcvs etc).
> Your homedirectory is for whatever you wish to do with it (keep it 
> reasonable pls ;^))

 From my experience at SourceForge I expect there will be some file-size 
constraints. I could never keep the docs online at SF because they were 
too large for the 10 mbyte home directory. For XFC I split the docs up. 
The sundry documentation is about 1 mbyte and should be ok. However, the 
actual reference documentation is 28 mbytes. I guess that's tooooo large 
to keep on the server.

>> 2. I need to create a mailing list. XFC should only need one. 
>> "xfc-list at xfce.org" would be alright. How do I do that.
> You can't. I take care of that stuff. 'xfc-list' is very generic, 
> perhaps you wish to use 'xfc-user(s)', 'xfc-dev' or something that 
> classifies it properly. 'xfc' is also possible but try to stay away 
> from that as much as possible (those general mail addresses tend to 
> gather lots of cruft).
I'm happy with "xfc-users" and "xfc-dev" if that's ok.

>> 3. How and where do I upload release tarballs/rpms, or should I 
>> maintain a SourceForge site as well. I didn't particularly wont to 
>> manage a SoucreForge account if I didn't need to.
> just upload it to the xfc web directory. You might want to create a 
> special folder /download/ underneath there. We don't serve ftp at the 
> moment. But the webserver can show list fancy indexes etc. if you 
> need. Just ask.
Is there any advantage to using list fancy indexes.


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