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> Mailwatch does (optionally) depend on GnuTLS, which sets some
> limitations. Distro maintainers (or anyone else I guess) probably don't
> want the panel to depend on GnuTLS, so they'll include the plugin
> without SSL support. A lot of distro users will want SSL, so either
> they recompile it for themselves (plugins under ~/ would be nice) or
> demand an ssl-enabled version included in the distribution, which leads
> to a separate package anyway...
> It would be nice to have it in the core, but because of GnuTLS it would
> be better to leave it out.
Some distro maintainers will make it depend on 150 other libraries
(like Ubuntu does ;) It's a pity, that there aren't many distributions
which would have packages with different options compiled in. We could
allow people to put plugins in their home directory. BUT if they
download binary packages, they should have some checksums inside them
(maybe a ckecksum list in the panel package, and each plugin binary
would contain the checksum of its source? There could be a kind of a
warning dialog, saying that this plugin is not certified (no, this
isn't a good word;) or supported by the XFCE team, and if it breaks
something, XFCE programmers take no responsibility? 

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