source of XFCE4.3 crashes

Wit Wilinski madman at
Mon Aug 1 09:03:11 CEST 2005

Well... I probably found the guilty of XFCE SVN crashes. Other applications crash too - it's the new gtk-2.7. The gtk team is trying to do too many changes in a short period, so they might have introduced more bugs than fixes ;)
I'll try to downgrade to 2.6.8, but that will mean recompiling XFCE (because of the cairo linkage)

I also found some nasty bugs in 'Xfce Menu' plugin from xfdesktop package. It's related to the plugin's configuration dialog.

1. Button title setting doesn't work at all
2. Changing 'Button icon' doesn't work instantly. You have to activate another dialog control to make it update the icon.
3. Button icon is badly scaled. Enabling 'Show title in button' and disabling it causes the icon to be too big (rescaled). Enabling 'Show title in button' and _then_ changing the icon, gives a good looking icon, until XFCE restart.
After the restart menu icon is broken again

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