source of XFCE4.3 crashes

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Mon Aug 1 09:27:46 CEST 2005

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Wit Wilinski wrote:
> I also found some nasty bugs in 'Xfce Menu' plugin from xfdesktop package. It's related to the plugin's configuration dialog.
> 1. Button title setting doesn't work at all


> 2. Changing 'Button icon' doesn't work instantly. You have to activate another dialog control to make it update the icon.

Do you mean that if you type a file name in the box, it doesn't change
until you move focus to another widget?  That's normal, and how pretty
much everyone does "instant-apply" dialogs with text entries.

> 3. Button icon is badly scaled. Enabling 'Show title in button' and disabling it causes the icon to be too big (rescaled). Enabling 'Show title in button' and _then_ changing the icon, gives a good looking icon, until XFCE restart.
> After the restart menu icon is broken again

Define "badly scaled".  It looks the same size to me regardless if 'show
title in button' is enabled or not.  It does look a little larger than
app launchers though, because I'm not using XfceScaledImage.  It was
giving me problems before, but perhaps I'll look at it again sometime.


P.S.  Filing bugs is a much more efficient way to get things fixed.
This way only worked this time because I'm procrastinating and avoiding
going to sleep ^_^.

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