Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Mon Sep 20 07:49:01 CEST 2004

Erik Harrison wrote:
> Funny Jasper should tell me to run CVS - I had just finished building.


> I was running CVS about 2 months ago, but a munge with a slackware
> upgrade reverted me back to 4.0.6.
> Overall, I'm pleased. A few nits:
> xfce-setting-show doesn't get focus when launched. Happens from Xterm,
> the panel, and xffm. xprop output attatched.

Hmm, I don't see that. What focus mode do you use? And is the option 
checked to focus new windows?

> Workspace margins appear twice in the settings screen, once by
> themselves and once under "Workspaces and Margins" - unless I have an
> old mcs plugin hanging around, that is.

Yup that's it. The separate margins plugin is old and has to be removed. 
We need some sort of upgrade guide that explains these things. In fact 
it is probably best to remove all traces of old xfce before installing 4.2.

> Wasn't there a patch to make only app icons show up in the taskbar? I
> don't care too much, but with the width adjustment on the taskbar, it
> could make a suitable iconbox replacement if the feature was
> introduced.

Uncheck "Show application names" in the taskbar settings dialog.


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