Compositor status

Biju Chacko biju_chacko at
Mon Sep 20 06:50:28 CEST 2004

Don Christensen wrote:

> Just a suggestion, but why not follow the even = stable, odd = 
> development
> release schedule like many other projects.  It would mean maintaining two
> "official" releases, but it would allow for a stable bug-fix-only release
> as well as a not-quite-CVS-bleeding-edge release for slightly more 
> daring.
> This would allow the compositor to go into 4.3.0, for example, when it is
> stable enough for general consumption by early adopters.  It might help
> get more people testing/using new features without them having to go as
> far as using CVS.
> The etherboot project is a good example, where there are actually two
> release managers, one for even and one for odd releases.
> Just a thought, anyway...

I agree with this actually. I really feel we ought to release more 
often. In my experience, the CVS code is rock solid 90% of the time.

Perhaps, we should have a separate release manager, who does nothing 
except make releases.

-- b

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