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Sun Sep 12 15:53:32 CEST 2004

* edscott <edscott at prodigy.net.mx> [2004-09-12 15:25]:
> El sáb, 11-09-2004 a las 17:30, Francois Le Clainche escribió:
> > 
> > I can not find the "disable cell editing" option in xffm anymore. Am I wrong? 
> > I can not live without.
> Do a ./configure --enable-extendprefs. By default several features are
> not compiled in but left to the discretion of the binary packager. This
> is because what is useful to some, might not be useful to others. 

I'm really against such configure options. I'm no Xfce developer, of
course, but I see this from the user perspecitive. He cannot use
distributor's packages but needs to recompile.

configure options make sense where features depend on installed
libraries or on the used on the operating system/distribution. And
they are useful where hardware is really slow or memory is really
short, such as embedded devices.

Althought Xfce is smaller and faster than Gnome or KDE, it's not made
for really small devices. That's the domain of Blackbox or some other
really minimalistic window managers that don't depend on a huge
library like Gtk2.

So what I mean: All the features should be enabled by compile-time, at
least per default on. The default configuration can turn them off, and
to turn on the user must edit a configuration file by hand, so a
"nromal" user doesn't get confused.


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