xfmedia 0.2.0 released

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Fri Oct 29 21:42:10 CEST 2004

Nikolas Arend wrote:

> sorry for posting this here, since Brian asked as to keep xfmedia stuff
> off the list. But is there a forum on xfmedia elsewhere
> besides the bug report site?

no, there's no forum, and i'm not likely to host one (or support one), 
as it's not convenient for me to keep up with reading a forum.  i 
suppose a mailing list could be set up on espresso, if auke doesn't mind 
(my hosing provider only gives me majordomo, which i'm not a big fan 
of).  my main reason for not wanting xfmedia discussion here is because 
we're in the process of gearing up for xfce 4.2, and since xfmedia isn't 
a part of xfce, i don't want to clutter the disussion and release 

> I couldn't manage to play a single mpg file so far, didn't even see the
> video window. I have the latest xine-lib and todays CVS
> version of xfmedia. What it does when opening an mpg file is either
> freeze or crash when trying to look at the file info.
> I'll start filing bug reports as soon as I have seen it in action ;-)

this sounds like a bug to me ^_~.  please file a bug report - that's 
what bugzilla is for.  if it turns out to be a problem with your setup, 
i'll close the bug, but if it is a bug, it'll be a lot easier to keep 
track of in bugzilla than via email or on a discussion forum.  for 
starters, i'd need more information about your system, including 
versions of the relevant software libraries you're using (and no, 
"latest" is not a version).

> Is
> there anything special to do when playing video files? I looked
> at all available documentation, but couldn't find anything that solved
> my issues.

nah, it should "Just Work".

> Btw., is xfmedia capable of playing DVDs, yet? I didn't see any
> dependence on libdvdcss, so I guess not. Will it ever be
> implemented?

it's capable, if libxine is compiled with libdvdnav support (or whatever 
it is).  libdvdcss isn't required (with xfmedia or libxine/xine-ui for 
that matter), but of course you'll need it if you want to play encrypted 
dvds.  i'm not going to put a hard dependency on it, because no such 
dependency exists.  however, xfmedia's GUI has no way of asking libxine 
to query a dvd at present.  it would be nice if someone would file a 
feature request in bugzilla so i don't forget about it ^_~.


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