4.2 QA : Xffm button buglet

purslow at sympatico.ca purslow at sympatico.ca
Tue Oct 12 17:58:51 CEST 2004

041011 edscott wilson garcia wrote:
> El lun, 11-10-2004 a las 16:35, purslow at sympatico.ca escribió:
>> great work etc, but in the file manager as it defaults for me,
>> there are  2  print buttons on the screen: is this intended ?
> Yes. The side bar is dynamic, so it shouldn't stay that way for long.
> The tool bar as well. So it is possible to have a duplicated button.

thanks: that's clear enough now; any reason why that one is default ?

> To make the sidebar go away, click on it with button 3.
> To make a sidebar appear --  at least six possible sidebars,
> more if  ./configure --enable-panel  -- , click with button-3
> on any active toolbar button that has a tiny blob (supposed to be arrow)
> on the lower right hand corner.
> You can also access the buttons that would appear in the sidebar
> by clicking the toolbar with button-1 and not releasing.

yes, very cute (big smile)!  however, there doesn't seem to be a rationale
for the way the tools are organised in the various sidebars
or for the top-bar tool they are associated with: is it arbitrary ?

> Activate and change by selecting and releasing button-1.
> If you hold down CTRL while releasing,
> you will change the top button but not activate signal.

those i don't understand: could you try again ?

also, there are  2  bars across the top: the tool-bar & the one above;
the tool-bar takes up only the left-hand half of the bar
& the one above has only 'Main menu' & the bar/pane controls at far right.
wouldn't it be better to drop 'Main menu', which you get by R-click anyway,
& put the bar/pane controls on the same line as the tool-bar,
thereby freeing up more of the screen for the file lists ?
as things are, there doesn't seem to be any way to hide 'Main menu'.

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