Xfce 4.2 : user's comments

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Thu Oct 7 22:35:33 CEST 2004

On 10/07/04 09:39, purslow at sympatico.ca wrote:
> i've now been using 4.2 for  > 1 day  & have had no problems.
> there are a few small things developers mt like to hear re.
> (1) session management: in the session i asked to save,
> i had Lynx & Mutt running, one in an Xterm, the other in Konsole.
> when i restarted, neither was running, but there was an extra Konsole
> on a desktop where there had been no terminal in the previous session.
> no compliant (of course), but it wb nice if the session manager cd start
> applications running on terminals, not just the raw terminals
> (AFAIR KDE also falls short on this point).

unless the terminal app supports remembering stuff like this on its own,
there's no way for the session manager to know about what's running in the

> (2) desktop menu: in the generated part, there are  2  lines
> 'gwenview' & 'konqueror' w submenus 'Konqueror - set as tiled wallpaper -
> set as wallpaper' & 'Browse with Gwenview - Rename with &krename -
> Rename with &KRename': again no complaint, but something is not quite right.

unfortunately, KDE has some .desktop files that should be marked as KDE-
specific such that other DEs can avoid including them, but they aren't.
xfdesktop has a blacklist, but i need to add items to it manually.  if
you can find the .desktop files that are generating these entries, open
a bug on bugzilla, and attach each .desktop file (separate attachments,
uncompressed, please).

> (3) ditto: u 'Settings', there is a line 'instellingen Iconbox':
> the 1st word looks like German, but my dictionary doesn't know re it:
> presumably this is a typo of some kind; also, it does seem unnecessary
> in a submenu called 'Settings' to add the word 'Settings' to so many items.

if this is for the xfce iconbox, it's a bug in the relevant .desktop file.
are you using a language other than english?  it appears fine for me.


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