XFce4 RC1 problems

Andrey Astafiev asan_dev at rdcom.ru
Fri Nov 19 16:59:49 CET 2004

Brian J. Tarricone wrote

> > I've got three problems with XFce4 RC1.
> > 1. Desktop can't load menu plugin until attached patch
> > applied.
> with the patch applied, what happens when you click on the
> "quit" menu item in the desktop menu?  does xfdesktop crash?

I don't know, I've applied your patch from bugzilla and
everything works fine now.

> > 2. Menus stay on desktop until something is repaint over
> > it. See screenshot.
> you're using gtk 2.5.  this is unsupported, aa 2.5 is
> development code. revert to the stable 2.4.x series and
> you'll be fine.  there's no reason to be using 2.5 unless
> you're a gtk developer, or are developing an app against
> gtk 2.5 APIs.

I don't have a chance to revert to gtk 2.4. But it's enough
for me to know, 'cause why it is happen. Are there any plans
to support gtk-2.6 in xfce-4.2 branch?

> > 3. Menu doesn't shows content of external file included
> > by directive<include type="file" src="menu2.xml"/>,
> > although this file is parsed well.
> you're probably trying to use the same menu2.xml as from
> 4.0.x.  included menus now have to be fully valid
> xfdesktop-menu XML files, not just the portion to be
> included.  usually you can just add the XML header from
> the main menu.xml, and then wrap the rest of the contents
> inside<xfdesktop-menu> </xfdesktop-menu> tags.

Thanks. The problem was solved this way.

Andrey Astafiev
andrei (at) altlinux (d0t) ru
Andrey Astafiev
andrei (at) altlinux (d0t) ru

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