XFce4 RC1 problems

James Golden a.k.a. Chibi chibifs at studiochibico.com
Wed Nov 17 09:04:35 CET 2004

Andrey Astafiev wrote:

>Hi all.
>I've got three problems with XFce4 RC1.
>1. Desktop can't load menu plugin until attached patch applied.
What part of the desktop are you reffering to? The actual desktop, or 
the menu plugin for the panel? The panel menu by default points to a 
file that isn't generated automatically, that can be solved by pointing 
it to load the default menu instead.

>2. Menus stay on desktop until something is repaint over it. See screenshot.
This is a bug with GTK2.5, it probably won't be fixed right away, as 
XFCE is built on GTK2.2. If it bothers you too much, I'd reccomend not 
running xfdesktop and xfwm, and running openbox with xfce instead. That, 
or backup your GTK to a STABLE version.

>3. Menu doesn't shows content of external file included by directive
><include type="file" src="menu2.xml"/>, although this file is parsed well.
As far as I know, the external menu file only reads from the .hooks 
style menu that 'menu' produces.


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