RC1 : session management still not there

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at unix-ag.uni-siegen.de
Thu Nov 18 10:55:38 CET 2004


> (1) it restarts Gkrellm2 on the wrong desktop ( 1 , not 8 ),
> from which it has to be moved via 'Ctl-Alt-Numpad-8'.
> perhaps this has something to do with the fact
> that Gkrellm2 doesn't use a normal window (see other thread re lost lines).

The session manager knows nothing (read N O T H I N G) about virtual 
desktops and the like, simply because the XSM protocol doesn't include 
it. Thats the job of the application and/or the window manager.

> (2) it restarts all  3  Konsoles with the tab bar showing,
> despite the fact that that is not the setting i have saved in Konsole:
> when i simply start a new Konsole, it does not show the tab bar;
> nor does the KDE SM start Konsoles with the tab bar showing.

Again, the session manager knows nothing about konsole or any other KDE 
app. In fact it doesn't even know that its a KDE app. If KDE apps don't 
work correctly w/ other session managers than ksmserver, file a bug 
report on kde.org!

> (3) it does not restart Konqueror.

I know this problem and I know the cause: Konqueror is restarted indeed, 
but Konqueror doesn't display its window. So the session manager does 
its job, but Konqueror failes.

Please stop complaining about the `session manager and KDE' here. I told 
you several times, that its not the session manager's fault. You are 
basicly reporting KDE bugs here again and again (atleast you failed to 
prove that its a problem with Xfce) and it gets boring and makes me 
angry. If you continue like this, chances are high that your mails will 
be simply ignored in the future!


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