RC1 compile/link error

purslow at sympatico.ca purslow at sympatico.ca
Mon Nov 15 11:53:47 CET 2004

041115 Auke Kok wrote:
> purslow at sympatico.ca wrote:
>> pursuing my own investigations outlined in my previous messages,
>> i followed BT's brief advice, created a dir  /usr/lib/xfce406
>> & then in  /usr/lib  did 'mv libxf* xfce406'.  now the linker fails with:
>>  libtool: link: cannot find the library `/usr/lib/libxfce4util.la'
>> so the problem is that it's looking in the wrong place,
>> not that it's finding the wrong item,
>> which tends to confirm my suggestion in my previous message,
>> ie that there are  3 lines  missing in the Makefile.
> I have noticed that libtools .la files often keep referring
> to nonexistant libraries, st that screws up libs && includes
> esp as stuff gets moved around. The only real way to get around it is
> 1) start off with xfce-4.0.x in an isolated location
> that can be "locked off", this will allow you to make sure
> libtool isn't actually secretly using it without you knowing

i moved all the  /usr/lib/libxf*  to  /z/x041115 ,
 /z  being the big empty space in which i create ISOs & similar things.

> 2) wipe everything that refers to the wrong libs ...
> a tedious manual job with 'strings' ... quite annoying to do.

i also moved  /usr/lib/pkgconfig/xfce*  &  xffm*  to  /usr/lib/pkgcfg2
&  xfce-mcs-manager-  now installs successfully (big grin).

> the problem is that libtool is supposed to do magic
> and fails to do it as soon as you start mixing versions of libraries.

well, the secret seems to lie in 'pkgconfig':
the  xfce-mcs-manager.pc  in  /usr/lib  gives 'prefix=/usr' ,
which must have been misleading Libtool in handling the new version.
of course, Libtool should follow the prefix given by Configure,
so there's some error either in how Libtool functions (of course)
or in how it's been set up by the Xfce4 development team (never, smile).

> I'm sorry if I sounded patronising

w/o meaning to sound patronising in return,
i do believe Xfce developers, who do exceptional work ordinarily,
should try to remember that not all users are naive & stupid,
but may simply have other calls on their time than writing code.
it does say on the front page of the Xfce WWW site:

  We hope that you will give this release a try.
  Please report any bugs or issues with this release
  on the Xfce bug tracker or on the Xfce development list.

i am simply following what it says (smile).

anyway, one problem solved: i will now try the rest of the pieces.

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