Visted link color in documentation is hard to discern

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Sun Nov 14 13:57:26 CET 2004

Jeff Franks wrote:
> I sent this in HTML so you can see what I mean. Is it possible to 
> consider another a:visited link color or indentifcation (? #003366 plus 
> an _underline_). The link text is supposed to look sufficiently 
> different from the surrounding text to easily identify it as something 
> special, and it should be easy on the eyes.

Sure. Do you have a suggestion? I do like non-underlined links, personally.

I thought about keeping the visited color the same as the non-visited 
link, because, as we all know, people will visit every link of the 
documentation anyway ;-) But perhaps that's not the best solution.

I chose the all-blue colorscheme to match better with the web-site.


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